The Easiest Way
to Scale

To scale your company, you need experts with strategic product and marketing knowledge who can also roll up their sleeves to execute. Our product marketers and full-service marketing team become an extension of your company as they bring along expertise and knowledge backed by our proven B2B marketing approaches.

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Here are the 3 ways that we deliver value to our clients

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An LJA go-to-market expert works as a fractional member of your team to define initiatives and execute as if they were an in-house employee.

Perfect for:

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Quick access to marketing expertise

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Filling the gaps between marketing hires

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Partnering on a temporary project

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Get high-level talent without full-time hiring

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Flexibility while finding product market fit

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Our most popular option gives you the benefits of a senior marketing expert backed by a full-service marketing team to execute on everything your company needs.

Perfect for:

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Supplementing existing marketing teams

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Strategy and execution with one agency

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Building multi-faceted campaigns

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Reducing the need for a new headcount

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Maximizing flexibility through growth stages

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Get traction quickly with actionable, time-bound workshops delivered by our senior team members.

Perfect for:

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Competitive analysis

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Value prop and messaging

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Customer interviews

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Marketing funnel audits

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Planning and executing lead campaigns

Designed for the Needs of B2B Tech

B2B product marketing agency

LJA is a collection of technical B2B marketers delivering world-class execution to companies of all sizes. We do this by providing access to senior marketing experts coupled with a team of experienced marketing specialists.

Clients prefer our model because it provides the much-needed technical expertise and leadership without the financial and time commitments of growing their team. By eliminating the need to add additional headcount, LJA is more cost-effective than hiring new team members, especially when the workload doesn’t warrant a full-time position.

This approach not only saves on annual salaries and benefits but ensures that companies receive consistent marketing leadership without the risk of employee turnover. LJA is a practical solution for companies aiming to expand their market reach while remaining flexible.

Working With Your Team

Marketing works best when there are aligned interests, shared knowledge, and consistent communication. We approach every client as a long-term relationship and work to understand the ins and outs of the business.

A senior LJA marketing expert is assigned to each client to provide strategy, guidance, and updates on a weekly basis. That marketing expert is backed by a team of specialists that handle project execution. Working as an integrated team, our clients get the benefits of a single point of contact supported by potentially dozens of experts all under a single monthly agreement.

Our Expertise
is Our Strength

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Unlike other agencies, seasoned B2B-focused professionals are behind every service we offer. Every member of our team brings years of technology marketing experience, ensuring a depth of knowledge that shines through in every project. 

This collective expertise is evident in our custom-crafted GTM strategies, our ability to distill complex technology into engaging narratives, and our execution of high-impact product launches and campaigns. The ability to internalize your challenge and work as a team to find a better way forward is why we have a more than 90% retention rate of clients after 2 years.

Your Most Impactful Team Member

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VP of Marketing, Growth Acceleration Partners

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