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LJA isn’t just another marketing agency writing fluffy content and designing glittery web pages. We are technology marketers. We like getting into the tech. We like nerding out on the tools. We like reading about marketing, testing new approaches, and Slack messaging about cool tools we have found. And all of this is reflected in the clients we work with and the work we do with them.
If this sounds like you and the kinda place you want to be, join us to fuel your creativity, grow your career, and make a real impact.

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Why join LJA

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We meticulously vet clients to ensure quality relationships, removing the stress of challenging clients.

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We believe in and support top marketers, granting them autonomy to thrive within our trusted, collaborative team.

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We foster open, clear communication among team members, nurturing an environment of mutual respect.

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Remote work is encouraged; as long as you’re connected to the internet, meet deadlines, and deliver quality work, you’re in.

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Our work schedules are flexible, allowing you to work on your terms, in your style.

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We encourage continuous learning and champion work-life balance, actively encouraging team members to grow themselves both in and out of work.

What Drives Us

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At LJA, we encourage innovation by embracing breakthrough ideas and challenging the status quo for groundbreaking solutions.

We cultivate entrepreneurial thinking, encouraging creative ideas that benefit the group and drive collective growth.

Meeting deadlines is a core value; timely, high-quality work defines our commitment to exceptional service

We encourage every team member to be solution-oriented and take ownership of their roles.

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